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Melting McTsts Bossfight

Melting McTsts Bossfight
Fan Art by gibbs

"Quality Map!"

The main idea of this boss it that the blocks of the statue turn into their own entity and are attacking you. Because the blocks slowly turn into entity one at a time it looks like the statue is melting. After defeating the statue you can easily reset the fight.

- Fight a statue of McTsts
- Statues melts and the different blocks fight you on their own
- Reset the boss


"Melting McTsts bossfight is a classical game, that aged beautifully, just like wine. In this map you need to fight an angry and colourful Ts until he melts, bringing out the "classical feeling" of 1.7 maps. Just like every Ts map, it's a flawless adventure with multiple options and beautiful builds, and no bugs whatsoever. If you really enjoy a good old bossfight reminiscent of the Diversity ones, you need to play this map!" - federick90

"A solid expereince, great mechanics, satisfying ending" - gibbs

"Melting McTsts Bossfight is one of the iconic classics from the 1.8 mapmaking era. Cutting-edge technology and innovations coupled with world-class builds come together to create the unforgettable experience of Melting McTsts Bossfight. This masterpiece created by Ts himself is the pinnacle of mapmaking expertise both inside Vertex and in the Minecraft community at large. I have not defeated the Melting McTsts boss myself yet, but I recommend it to anyone looking for a riveting and infinitely fun adventure." - Chopper

"This is melting mctsts bossfight. Its strength lies in its simplicity. Melting McTsts Bossfight doesn't need fancy titles, GUIs or corny tech. Its greatness comes merely from its brilliant design and unique gameplay." - Asometric


Map by McTsts, _tsts_, Ts43m, MirageMaps & VertexCreations!